Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bandcamp Releases

When humans becomes fables we will conquer the starts and the planets. This album is a tribute to the villains of 1950'ties science fiction.
The recordings of the birth of my son - Aslak - compiled into this very beautiful ambient piece. 

My work with different installations and physical objects is compiled in the album Installation

Sleep baby sleep is a compilation with soundscapes that can make baby sleep.

Algorithmic music. Music using advanced mathematical approach.

Music dedicated to the Elder Scrolls Online game guild Whitestar. The album contains mastered sketches recorded late 2014

Problemes de Communication release of the Thomas Bugaj Sessions, 2012-2014. A collaboration with Mikkel Almholt and Ole Jørgensen on music and Thomas Bugaj on Video.
Music inspired by car wrecks in Sweden. The music is analog algorithmic. 
Problemes de Communication's first project was to make an audiotrack to this classic movie from 1928 by Murnau.

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